We work closely with the Red Gem team to firstly help tell their brand story in various mediums and secondly, brand and package various ranges/breeds of potatoes aimed at large range of audiences, throughout major supermarkets through to country farmers market.

An example of the importance of good design in beth fresh produce world can be seen below.

The problem: “The level of competition compared to the prior year had increased with new entrants competing for our share of the four main customer groups”.

The result: (after Imprint re-designed the box)…”Carton sales to the Melbourne market increased on prior year by 20% representing a value increase worth $20k. The new design firstly attracted customers to the product and the product inside was first rate, so the combination resulted in a great sales outcome. The incremental sales gain more than paid for $ and time incurred in the change from a previous complicated design that failed to attract customers”.

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